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For Your Commercial & Industrial Common Areas

Street sweeping promotes a good environment and lifestyle. If a community has clean streets and parking lots, commuters, shoppers and pedestrians are less likely to litter and residents are less likely to leave rubbish and sweep leaves onto the streets. Litter on the streets show that a neighborhood is not properly cared for which in turn reduces property values and street appeal.

Health and Safety

Street sweeping services keep the roads clean and free from litter and debris. An unclean street can lead to various health and safety concerns, especially for pedestrians, residents and children running and playing. A street sweeping service minimises the chances of slip and fall type accidents that can lead to serious injuries and the lawsuits that accompany them. Environmental factors are also a concern for resident’s health as litter and debris can contaminate your water ways, lakes and rivers and create air pollution.


Rubbish, oil spills, glass even leaves all need to be picked up off the streets, roads, parking and construction lots etc. as the litter clogs drains which can result in minor or serious flooding. Rubbish needs to be quickly removed as once it is in our rivers and lakes it has serious consequences not just for the cleanliness of the water but also for the animals living there. The water then becomes unsafe for the animals to drink and live in and the surrounding rubbish can harm them. Though natural, leaves also need to be swept away as the decomposing leaves over-fertilize the water which encourages harmful aquatic algae and plants to thrive.

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